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Our Sound is your Sound 

Hamilton House Sound is the perfect solution for clients who are looking for an extremely high quality audio experience for small to medium venues without breaking the bank. We specialize in brining big sound into tight spaces whilst also being able reach the ears of people in the back of a big room. Our HK Polar 10 system is compact enough for the smallest of venues while still being able to deliver big sound if needed. No more giant loud speakers taking up half the stage, unless that's what you want! The HK Polar 10 system is also perfectly capable of providing more than adequate sound for medium sized venues as well, and is perfect for weddings, staff parties or family get togethers. Whatever your audio needs, we can surely provide the professional standards that you are looking for at a competitive price!

Our Services

Live Audio for Bands - Are you a small concert promoter looking for an audio company to partner with? Are you a band looking to stage your own gig? Regardless of what you are, if you got some bands and you need to make them shine on stage, give us a call, or send us an email!

DJ Services - Got a wedding coming up? Maybe a work event or your planning a private party? Our equipment is state of the art, and not only does it sound great it's esthetically pleasing as well. We can give you stunning audio quality while providing a little Feng Shui to boot. 

Public Speaking Events - Got something important to say? We'll make sure they hear it loud and clear all the way in the back!

Karaoke - Yup, we even offer Karaoke. Everyone dreams of being a superstar....Well... We can't make that happen, but we can definitely make you feel like a star for at least one night by putting you under the lights with a mic in your hand and beautiful audio backing you up!  

If there are any other audio related services you might be curious about, feel free to call or send us a message, cause you never know what we might be able to do for you....

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