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Feminist Baby, Baby this!

You might not know it, but it's been a long time coming for "Feminist Baby", a recent duo added to the Hamilton House label. Not only have they been added to the roster, they are actually the owners of Hamilton House Records as well.

Randy, and Liz Hamilton have both spent their entire lives working on their craft as both singers and song writers, and though both have been attached to other projects over the years, this is their first time combining their shared love of music as a husband and wife dream team.

"We have worked on so many projects together", Says Randy, "That we figured it was time we did something that was truly us".

And so what had begun as one of Randy's school projects would be the main musical focus for the two, becoming something so much bigger, and entering into a developmental period that would last over a year. "Though we have always worked together and have been married for over a decade, this is truly the first time that we have put our passions and talents together in this light", Says Liz.

"I have been tinkering with the idea of starting a small label after I graduated from Audio Engineering", explained Randy, "I started to acquire some talented artists, and began to write and produce music for them. I thought to myself, Liz and I have been working on this Feminist Baby thing for a while, I have a label in hand, we have the songs written and several of them recorded, everything just seemed to be in place, there was no excuse to not bring our work to the public". And that is exactly what they are doing on their eleventh wedding anniversary, November 15th 2019, with their first release entitled "Control", being launched on all major platforms.

Make sure to check out the new single on Friday, and keep an eye out for all of their upcoming releases.

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