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Hamilton House's First Lady, an interview with Liz Hamilton

Recently I had a chance to sit down with one of the first talents to be signed on Hamilton House Records, "Liz Hamilton". A talented singer, wife, and mother of four children. She has been a part of Hamilton House Records from day one as a member of the talent roster, in both a solo effort as well as the recently debuted Feminist Baby duo, with her husband Randy, and has also been a huge part of the building and developing the label. I hope you enjoy reading this Q&A session as much as Liz and I enjoyed having it.

So my first question always seems to be one of the first in any of theses Q&A's, who are your major musical influences?

"Well, one of my major influences comes from my teenage years, Amy Lee from Evanescence. she has such a beautiful powerful voice and I always found myself as a teen trying to mimic her sound. Another influence was Celine Dion, growing up both my parents listened to her music and her voice became one that I immediately connected with. To this day I find myself finding new influences all around me in music, from Poppy to the Bangles, I guess you could say I'm very eclectic and don't ever limit myself to being inspired just in the past, but still taking time to be inspired by the artists of today as well."

So I am aware that you were heavily involved in music when you were younger, but what was it that caused you to decide to dive headlong back into music with the release of your first two singles, "Fake Smiles on Cloudy Days", and "Wedding Song"?

"Its kind of funny, I don't know if I can call it a decision or a mental break down... haha.... It started over the summer of this past year when I was having a particularly hard time. My husband Randy had written this beautiful composition and the music just stood out to me. while I was at my lowest the words to the song Fake Smiles on Cloudy Days just started to form. That song I hold very close to me because with being a mom of four and a full time wife I lost that part of me that was music. I use music as my release from all the stress of life and since that fateful day I have begun to pursue my love of music again."

So you must be very happy with the release of your latest "Feminist Baby" single "Control", which was released November 15th, but what was it like working with your husband for over a year to develop the band?

"Yes, I am extremely Happy with the latest release of Feminist Baby. The process of developing the band has actually been really good not just for myself as a performer but for my husband and I to develop our marriage as well. You see, your true colors really come out in the studio and no one is perfect so many times we end up laughing to kill ourselves during the recording process, and the writing process. You never know what will come out of our mouths, mostly me, I like to impersonate Jiggly Puff from pokemon when I get frustrated which makes for some funny recordings. I don't think I could have a better person to work with on this project even if we don't always agree on how things should sound."

We Can clearly see that you enjoy working with your Husband, but are there any other performers, either local or otherwise, that you would like to work with, or could see your self working with in the future?

"I would love to work with a few performers actually. My top person in my local area would be Mike Fong. He is very interesting and has a captivating sound. Now if we are talking any artist in the world I currently would want to work with Poppy, she just has this sound and presence about her that makes me not only want to meet her but makes me want to collaborate with her as well."

Well I think that brings us to our last question, what should we expect from you in the future, and what do you hope to accomplish?

"Well I have a few Songs in the works at the moment, not all solo works but I am really loving the latest song I have on the go. I can't say much about it but its all about the dirty dirty deeds of the night life. Its a fun upbeat song that gets you smiling and moving for sure. I wont give away too much but I hope that I am making music for years to come and that we will speak again on future endeavors."

Well that concludes this brief Q&A, thank you for taking the time, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Make sure to follow Liz Hamilton on Social Media, and keep up to date on all of the news and goings on in her career.



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