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Had an incredible session with _carriema


    Though we are no longer primarily a recording studio, we are still offering our facilities, and services to public bookings. Our studio was designed with a focus on singer song writers, solo artists, and small bands, and we specialize in producing music for vocalists. If you are a singer with a book full of lyrics, and are in need of original music to sing them to, we may be the studio for you. We are equipped with a selection high quality microphones, as well as high quality microphone preamps.

Mixing - $40/hr

    Looking for a professional sounding mix, or maybe you just want to add the analogue sound to an all digital track, give us a try.

Recording - $40/hr

    Our studio is equipped to record sixteen channel multi-track if necessary, as well  as overdubs.

Full Production and songwriting -

Payment based on contract

    Need a fully produced track to sing over, maybe you just need some one to ad a bass line, either way, from full song writing and production to filling in the gaps, we can do it here.

Drum Programming - Contact for Pricing

    Sometimes you got the guitar, bass, and vocals down, but just need those pro drum tracks to really finish your song... But wait, no drummer!!! No problem, because our drum programming is nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. 

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Studio Tour

Mic Locker

Guitars / Instruments

Mic Preamps and outboard


Soundcraft Signature 22 MTK


    The Souncraft Signature 22MTK is equipped   with the iconic "Ghost Preamps", considered by many to be the best pre's that Souncraft has ever manufactured, combine that with 24-in/22-out USB connectivity for playback and recording, and this little board suddenly has a lot to offer. Each channel also features a four band "Sapphyre" EQ, and five aux sends. The "Signature" can also be used for analogue summing, giving your in the box mix the analogue touch. I would be lying if I told you that this was the best mixing console ever made, but it will certainly get the job done, and add a bit of flavor while were at it.

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